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Design Principles
In designing new or updating aging websites, the principles guiding the design have a controlling impact on the usability and effectiveness of the resulting website.  These principles have been developed through a combination of experience and industry standards.
  Understand the business objective.  This must drive any and all technology used.
  The site must download quickly, or users will go elsewhere.
  Depth of content and currency of information top fancy sites ("where's the beef"?).
  Site navigation must be easy and intuitive
  Design for appropriate screen resolution and display color capabilities.
For more information about our design principles, contact us.


Design Methodology
Any Information Technology project must follow a project methodology in order to be successful.  Below is an example of a project methodology tailored to a hypothetical website development project.


Project Definition




Develop alternative site size options


Document and present options


Decide Project Scope


Finalize project plan



Develop website outline / map


Develop outline for each page


Develop site “look and feel”


Publish skeleton pages to test site




Approve Design



Provide detailed textual content


Provide picture & graphic content


Contact partner sites


Build pages


Published detailed pages to test site




Approve Completed Pages

Implementation / Rollout


Identify new domain host


Relocate domain


Publish pages to production site




Contact search engines


Project completed




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